In Spite of the Weather

Daywear.  Eveningwear.  Swimwear.  They’re all blurring together at this point.

After yet another edition of The Daily Hydraulic Beatdown– this one well over an hour ahead of schedule I came to a couple of conclusions:

1. We’re out of places to put the rain.  The front yards of the fancy houses on the boulevard now all have in ground swimming pools.  The mall parking lot is looking at installing “No Fishing” signs.  The usual riding shortcuts are suitable for canoeing.

2. The valiant attempts to store water of my shoes, uni saddle, and chamois really didn’t work out so well for the remaining 7 miles to the house.  They’re now spending some quality time in front of the dehumidifier.

With all that being said, there’s no real beef here.  Sure, it’s a bit annoying that offroad trails are unrideable (still- there’s always The Wheel Mill), but it could be far worse.  We could be under drought status as some parts of the country are.

All this talk of weather brings to mind one of my favorite bands, songs,videos, and well timed rain storms from back in early 90’s:


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