A Loaf of Bread, a Container of Milk, and a Stick of Butter

Many folks don't realize just how useful a bicycle and bike trail can be. Yesterday I Big Dummy-ed (or Dan Wilson-ed) somewhere around 60lbs of foodstuffs for 17miles (1/2 the trip).

The Butler Freeport Community Trail connects not only the endpoint towns, but makes it convenient to get to communities in the middle as well.

The trail allowed me to not have to deal with auto traffic for half the trip, but also average the climbing out over a longer distance- a welcome respite when I use a 34×30 as my low gear (Who's the Big Dummy?).

The takeaway? Bikes and local rail-trails are useful for MUCH more than pure recreation. You don't always NEED to drive someplace to get some exercise in. And, in my case, if I factor in the time the trip I would have spent driving a car, I saved about an hour of the day.


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