Simply Stupid

Riding a bike to Mars always sounds cool. This bike and I have spent tens of thousands of miles together.

Recently, I’ve been revisiting parts in the basement. The Cross x Check was pretty much part of the mess. We hadn’t spent much time together for at least 6 months. I’ve been digging the versatility 3in tires and a few gears provide. Quite frankly, I’ve been struggling with a bit of neck discomfort as well.

So I went to the parts pile and grabbed another set of bars to put me in a bit more of a neck friendly position. And I ditched the clipless (that you actually clip into) pedals.

Lo and behold, I’m back in this saddle again.

Why simply stupid? One gear with no coasting. 42×18 fixed. It’s not racer fast- especially downhill.

Riding 80 miles in 40 sone degrees over 2 days supports the cause as well.

All in all though, I can ride a bike to Mars.

It’s cheaper than therapy.


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