Not Staind

It’s been a while. So long in fact that I forgot my password.

Alright, so that happens on a regular basis. Not as often as I change my socks, but pretty frequently. (FYI: I change my socks a couple of times a day. Before you judge, I also use a bike a couple of times a day too. Biking doesn’t necessitate a sock change, it’s just the road that the brain train was on.)

It’s been one of them days. Or a couple of the years. For reasons which may be come apparent over some future posts, or not, I’ve decided I need to- for now, get back to typing. And writing with far too many commas and side tangents.

Last I checked, the world contains 7.7+ billion people. I remember when 4 billion was the norm. Actually, I don’t remember that well, but 5 billion- yes.

Things have indeed changed. And they haven’t. With well over 3 billion people added in the last 30 years you’d think we’d evolve a bit. Or at least get the personal jetpack figured out.

Come on people.

I guess I don’t have a lot of room to talk. I’ve been reminded of ghosts past recently. There have been some pretty rad times in my life.

And they’re not over. That’s why I’m again putting words on a virtual page. I need to spread a few more breadcrumbs to be able to find my way back if I need to.

Then again, I’m not great at looking back. Or remembering passwords.

In all of this though, I really think Hip-Hop peaked in the 90’s. Argue with me if you like after you’ve listened to the facts:

I Love My 90’s Hip-Hop

Sampling legality can be a crazy debate, but the consumers definitely benefited when the past could be integrated into what was then current making something new.

That being said, this year’s had some notable music. This one caught me by surprise:

One last thought for the day. If you haven’t checked out Hip-Hop Evolution on Netflix, you haven’t. It’s an fascinating take on a few decades of recent history.

One thing for sure: if we as humans survive the next few decades the documentary should be interesting viewing for a couple future generations.