A Tale of Two Bikes and More Friends


Thanks to Chas at SAYLÉ, two of my bikes ready for action again.  It’s good to have friends.  It’s better to have friends with bearing pullers and bearing presses.  Some may not have bearing issues with their bikes much, but I seem to ride a whole lot and tend to be too stupid to shift.  Going up a hill on a singlespeed (or fixed gear) transmits a lot of force through the drivetrain- rear hub and bottom bracket included.  Those bearings bear the brunt of my poor decisions and stubborn refusal to walk up hills, but fortunately aren’t too difficult to replace (with the proper tools.)

When we were pressing new bearings into the wheel pictured above, I realized that the friends of these parts extended a lot further back.  The wheel was hand-built by Jarrod, now of City Cycle Supply, somewhere around 11 years ago.  It’s been on the Cross Check- the chosen bike for misadventures for well over a decade (and almost always run as a fixed gear.)  That bike came from Speedgoat, founded by Chris, now of Asylum.  Actually Asylum was a house brand of Speedgoat, but when things went unfortunate the brand went into hibernation.  Then, like a good Phoenix, it came back with the Meuse.

Which leads us to the red rings on the eccentric bottom bracket cups in the picture.  I picked up a Meuse when they first became available on Crowd Supply.  It’s made me rethink my aversion to carbon.  Of course, I wouldn’t have tried it unless I knew I could trust it.  When a friend who is more obsessive than yourself signs off on it (thanks Chris), you’re in good hands.  What drew me to the Meuse as well as the design was the fact that it could be run as a bike without shifty bits. My Meuse is sometimes a fixed gear and sometimes a singlespeed because singlespeed cross bikes are a ton of fun and really !@#@!! fast.

This whole obsession with riding bikes could all just be a bunch of crazy talk.  That’s why I’m glad I have a bunch of friends who support pedal powered crazy.  And have the tools to keep me from walking.

Thanks guys.