What’s on My Mind


It’s not a #throwbackthursday, but this was a post I started some time ago from the mobile.  I had it mostly written and then a bug in the app smashed the bytes into tiny bits and it never saw the light of day.

August 10th, 2014 I got sick.  I had not been feeling 100% when the day started, and as the race progressed I could sense something wasn’t right.  No big deal, some rest and things would be fine.  But they weren’t.  I was really run down and had some sinus weirdness kick in.  It’ll get better soon, I thought.  In the grand scheme of the age of the universe, it would.  In the measurement of days, weeks, and even up to months it didn’t.

By mid-September I thought it would be good to seek some medical attention.  I went to a non-critical emergency care place and was given a round of antibiotics.  Still nothing.  Crazy phlegm and exhaustion still prevailed.  I saw my doctor in October.  He scheduled a Pulmonary Function Test and said he suspected Asthma.  Being that I could still ride a bike or unicycle for dozens of miles at a time I had my suspicions, but I’m not a doctor.  So I waited 3 weeks for the Pulmonary Function Test appointment.  During the test I hit the wheezing point with the phlegm fun, but the magic spray that was supposed to help if I had Asthma didn’t.

So I called the doctor again, and this time it was recommended I see a specialist.  It took them a month and a half to just get me on the schedule to schedule an appointment.  By this time I was stable.  I had settled in to that my nose was just going to perpetually run and I was going to get comfortable feeling as though I had been thrown under the bus.

I finally got in to see the specialist and he (surprise) couldn’t find anything wrong.  He did prescribe a nasal spray and said I’d get a card in the mail to schedule a follow up appointment.  It never came.  Nevermind.

Sometime in late January/ early February I was using the neti-pot (a daily ritual to keep my sinuses clear and keep me off of allergy meds) when the bizarre happened.  As the saline solution ran out of my nose I saw a yellow blob fall.  Hmm, that looks odd.  So I poked it.  And then I took a closer look.  And then I pulled it.  And then I took a picture.  It’s at the top of the post.  I have no idea how yellow elastic ended up in my sinuses (the dime didn’t fall out of my nose, it’s for referencing size).  I don’t know of anything that exists in my world that matches it.  Right around that time, my phlegm problem subsided and I started to feel less run down as well.

It could be just coincidence, but even at that it’s still a fun story.