MPLS, TCUC, Powderhorn 24



The first (annual?) Twin Cities Powderhorn 24 + a whole pile of extra riding is over for me. I actually returned to the Pittsburgh airport Tuesday evening, but didn’t find a few free seconds until now – or maybe I’m just putting off mowing the lawn at this point.

There are pictures to be posted, and there are thanks to be given.

Since I’m on the iPod right now (the computer has been tied up for a VERY important PowerPoint presentation), I’ll get the thanks started:

Thanks to Max for setting up the Powderhorn 24 uni teams. Team All Wheel Drive (the one with Max, Dan, Scott, and I) covered 62 laps (about 5 mi each) and all the bonus stops in 24 hours. Those Guys With One Wheel got 50 laps, and Balance got 48. None of the uni teams were anywhere close to last!

Read Max’s account here. More on the race another time. Typing on the iPod isn’t much fun.

Thanks to the Hansen family for giving me a place to crash (just like their dog, Ruby at the top of the post) and a motor scooter when i needed it. Dan is one if my first non-local uni friends. A few years ago we raced Ride The Lobster together on The Surly Speed Goats Team.


A huge thanks to Maxwell for use of his room- major apologies for the smells.

Thanks to Scott for lending me a wheel for the race. Thanks to Connie for getting me into all the TCUC events and letting me borrow a wheel for them as well.



A HUGE thanks to Connie, Dan, Scott, and Max for carting me around. In my mind all of the shuffling pales in comparison to the time we got to build friendships.



Thanks to Andy and Irene for showing us around the farm. I wish we lived closer. I feel like we have a lot in common.




I owe thanks to Joe too, for showing me around the inner workings of Compulsion Cycles


Thanks to all the other fantastic TCUC members for making me feel at home.




Rumor has it that the PowerPoint that is tying up our computer has a lot to do with a reason for a Pennsylvania visit…


I know I left some people out (unintentionally, of course).

One last thanks goes to the whole Powderhorn 24 crew. It is an spectacular event. The alleycat vibe (a polite version, at that) coupled with the celebration of your neighborhood is genius.


Well played, Twin Cities residents, well played. I can see why I saw so many Minnesota state tatoos at the race.

I’ll be back (but I better get around to mowing the lawn)…