Upcycling Downhilling

I have a few friends that partake in marginally bad ideas (as evidenced above).  The Power Wheels phase isn’t the first time we’ve upcycled some downhill steeds, padded up, and ignored Consumer Product Safety Commission Stickers.

That would have been the scuttle of scooters from SRU. These scooters were not of the Razor death trap variety (we do have a moderate understanding of physics), rather the 12″ (and maybe one 16″) mag-wheeled, fast rolling, marginally braked flashbacks to probably somewhere in the 90’s or so.  Since they were fairly safe (other than the brakes that were more yields), we usually raced them under the cloak of darkness.  Often for donut runs.

Sadly, as much fun as they were, it became increasingly difficult to find enough people to form a gang and cruise downtown.  People grew up, got jobs, moved away, and got into grown up stuff.

The next phase would be the snowbike/ snow scooter phase.  These are still in the arsenal and poised to make a comeback.  They were built from junk kid’s bikes and dysfunctional scooters from the first wave of shenanigans.  While they’re fun, fun shouldn’t be limited to the snowy season.

Which brings us to the Power Wheels.  When the batteries go bad and the kids grow out of them, we give them a second life.  The first step is to pull the motors.  The second step is to beef up the chassis with metal bits, 2x4s, or whatever else is stiffer than the plastic designed for 60 lbs or less.  Seats often need modified as does the steering.  When it’s all said and done, they’re marginally safe:

Marginally safe is sometimes a fun place to be- as long as you have a good chiropractor.

Who knows what the next phase will be.  I do know I’m glad technology has evolved enough since this first started that we can shoot and edit video easily.  Someday I may be too old for this.  Maybe.



Spin Cycle

Didn’t that look fun? It’s a throwback to when we weren’t in a deep freeze.

Today I was reminded that I’m not a huge fan of automobiles in adverse weather. The dog and I helicoptered the ’98 Jetta when we hit some black ice on the way to a shop day at . All this fun happened after we were already running late due to monkey business with a clogged sink drain.

In the grand scheme of things, no worries. I hopefully snaked the clog and the car is able to be driven home. We’ll live to ride another day.

Speaking of which, we’re in winter mode around here. The good news means we’re at most Friday nights. The last 2 have been a blast. Here’s the video to prove it:

The blogging’s been a bit slim. Social media has been too. It’s all good. I’m not dead yet.